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Welcome to YOUR voice in The Creator’s Way!
I’m so honoured that you have chosen to capture your observations as you reflect on the content of this book. I’m excited to learn from your insight and strengthen our collective capacity to heal through creativity. 

Why? So you can IMAGINE GROWTH with strong ROOTS!

There is a lot to absorb and you may want to return to aspects of the book as you progress. You may even want to share what you’re observing here in a book study with a small group. I hope that these concepts will reveal their firm foundation by capturing your voice in your way along with others.

  • YOUR VOICE (YV) invites you to engage at your pace, in your way. 

  • You can share your observations as you go through each chapter or each of the three parts of the book. 

  • Think about your experience watching a TV series for the first time, and your experience rewatching it. Each time is a new experience resulting in another layer of understanding, a deeper relationship.  

  • Similarly, there is so much to be learned by capturing your voice as you gently peel away the layers – page by page, chapter by chapter.  

  • Experience it for yourself. Engage your senses as you learn and influence others. 



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