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I am a wife, mother, grandma, author, scientist, and creative. Through trial and error, I’ve found a way to heal despite disability caused by trauma, chronic pain, and PTSD.

I’ve learned that our stories can heal and build a creative culture where innovative approaches can make a difference in our lives and the lives of those we love.


What if we could increase healing as a collective by strengthening our core at its roots and influencing others by honouring each others’ journeys!

Here’s how we can build on creative growth and healing

Here’s how The Creator’s Way can help you

If you can IMAGINE a way to grow with your ROOTS strongly embedded in a firm foundation, then you can imagine creative growth in your life and the lives of others. The possibilities are endless.

If you live with chronic pain, you understand the effects it has on your core existence. Building your relationship with the creator in you will ground you and give you wings, healing you inside out.


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If you have suffered trauma, you can grasp how pervasive the experience can be long after it is over. The Creator’s Way guides you through stories of successes, failures, influences and lessons learned to inform your healing.

If you live with PTSD or C-PTSD, you have experienced the unsettling triggers that awaken your body’s ability to remember how your survival instincts came to your rescue, reliving a time that no longer exists. The creator in you can ground you in the present. Shame can become a thing of the past and stay there. Forgiveness can become redundant.

The Creator’s Way can help you reconnect with your unlimited access to your creativity, frame your life’s experiences around their healing purpose, and create momentum that can change your life and the lives of those you love. 

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What Others Are Saying?

Dr Farah Shroff

Public Health Educator and Researcher; Founder, Maternal and Infant Health Canada; Principal, Darya Consulting; Board Member, Harvard Health Lab, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

Step into the enchanting world of creativity and healing with Mary-Pat Lambert's captivating book. In this beautifully crafted exploration, Mary-Pat invites readers to embrace their innate creative spirit, unlocking the transformative power of imagination and self-expression. With a blend of insightful wisdom and gentle encouragement, this delightful book encourages us to view ourselves as creatives, weaving a tapestry of inspiration that resonates long after the final page.

Tony Colson, DMin

“The Creator’s Way is for anyone who is ready to turn their pain into a platform of healing, hope, and renewal. Mary Pat Lambert has brilliantly put together a creative process that helps you discover a power right within you that gives you the capacity to redefine life with a new sense of purpose and authentic living.”

Owner Greatness Makers, Pastor ICON Church,

Nina Jetha, BSc., MPH

Mary Pat’s experiences, spiritual discovery and overall zest for life comes through so real and authentic.   Despite struggles, she perseveres and looks for opportunities to conquer the world. She has a gift for story-telling that is absorbing, fresh, intense and powerful. Three quarters of the way through, I thought 'I hope she writes another book'. I feel honoured to have gone through this physical and emotional journey, like I was living her life with her.

Senior Leader, Agent for Change, Public Health Agency of Canada

Diane Perazzo, BA(Hon), MA

The Creator's Way is the perfect tool for anyone who strives to integrate their spiritual path with their creative work.  This book adds a new perspective to the work of others such as Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way.  Mary Pat's personal story is compelling and her description of the concept of "creatology," (the creator's way of knowing) and her dynamic approach to collective healing practices which she has named  "creatonomy" is extremely useful and will provide creatives from many genres with a practical course of action.  Mary Pat's professional experience as an applied public health researcher really shines through and adds credibility to her work. 

Poet and Legacy Writing Facilitator

Cesar Cervantes

Mary Pat Lambert shows how the power of creativity connects us to the innovations that can rebuild systems from their roots. I learned that we all play a role in healing and that our richest resources rest in the way we live our lives, mistakes included. This is a must read!

Founder of Top Talks

Dr. Erik Howarth M.D., CFPC

Physician for Pain Management 

An antidote for the current era of isolation and suffering.  Mary-Pat Lambert takes the reader through her story of discovery and healing.  Ablaze with positivity and faith, her blueprint challenges us towards personal, communal and spiritual growth.

Estelle C Forbes, BA

Infant & Mental Health Advocate and Child & Youth Mental Health, Outreach Worker, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada.

So many of the most intriguing conversations I have had over the years with different people in different places all over the world are tethered together here in Mary Pat Lambert’s book, The Creator’s Way. A remarkable journey the Creator’s Way will take you on - to say the least. This book manages to weave its way through topics such as inner healing, motivation, science, current events and perfectly timed cultural shifts while being vulnerable with her own journey that birthed forth the ideas of Creatology and Creatonomy.  The inspired message is clearly embedded with profound Love that is acting as an overflowing cup that has a life force to begin a healing process in your spirit instantaneously. Simply in the action of reading this tapestry of woven words I am being boldly led into the epicentre of the Creator’s intent for me. I find myself crying with relief that I am being healed by the sharing of Mary Pat’s story and allowing my story to intersect and enter the collective space of sharing our pain and our victory to heal ourselves and to help others. Every chapter is intriguing enough on it’s very own to spark a conversation with your neighbour your colleague, your best friend, or the taxi driver – in so doing you would be  contributing to your own healing and adding to the collective connections that are healing for all those engaged in the conversation. In other words, you will be refreshed, overjoyed and changed for the better by taking the time to read this little book of great ideas and possibility. I will be putting this book in front of every loved one, colleague, and friend in my life so we can share our stories and find healing through creating – starting with conversations.

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